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What is Prometheus?

Prometheus is an object-oriented MUD (MOO). You need a MUD client or telnet to play.
You can also use the web client offered by Grapevine.

How to connect?

The connection info for Prometheus is as follows:

You can also use the Web Client offered by Grapevine.

General Information

Prometheus: the Eternal Wars is a space-based MOO. Players fly starships, complete combat missions, deliver supplies, and so forth.
We have a lot of activities and timepasses, including:

and much, much more!

Hope to see you onboard the starships soon!


You can vote for our MUD by using the following link:
Vote for Prometheus: Eternal Wars on TMC!


The server is not free to host. You can show your support, should you so wish, by donating to us.

Make sure to include the character name(s) for which the donation is meant and any other information you think is vital in the message field of the donation area.